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Our Mission

We are working towards establishing cricket as a recognized recreational sports at Ryerson University. As this target being partly achieved , we are also trying to expand our horizon and go beyond the Ryerson boundaries to establish cricketing relations with our counterparts at the other universities.

For that reason we, the RSCA, have decided to conduct a series of indoor cricket tournaments. The main objective of these tournaments is not only to promote cricket at Ryerson but also selecting the best players for Ryerson official cricket team. This will, we believe, somewhat initiate the process in encouraging other University organisations in doing so.

With the support of Ryerson's Student Government RyeSAC and Ryerson's Sports and Recreation Department, RAC, we are able to reach abit far into our goals and with the hope of continuous support from these two, we are looking forward towards the bright future of cricket at Ryerson University.

Cricket Recognized at Ryerson

By the efforts of Mr. Ravi Gopal, Mr. Salman Khan, Mr. Umair Dossani, Mr Ovais Akbani and all the cricket fans at Ryerson, cricket is now being considered as a recognized sports at Ryerson. Mr. David Dubois (Program Director, RAC) has been truly supportive to our efforts towards making cricket a recognized Ryerson recreational sport. With his support, Ryerson's GYM facilities have been opened to Cricketers. We hope that his support for Cricket continues well within to the forthcoming seasons.

With this initiative of cricket recognition at Ryerson , RSCA has proudly launched its first Inter-University torunament as Inter University Championship. A great response has been recieved from the other Universities. Six teams of eight to ten players have signed up, and are now goin to take part in the tournament. These teams have been divided in two groups of teams. Although every team wont have a chance to play with each other, yet the tournament is organized in such a way that every team have an equal chance of winning the cup. The details about the tournament have been updated in the events section. Further information about the tournament can be obtained by the communication manager (Syed Zeeshan). All the teams playing the tournament , please make sure u read the tournament rules before playing a match.

Annual University Tournament 2005 RSCA's Annual University Tournament is going to be on Feb. 24th ,2005. As compared to the previous years, a great response is been received so far and a large number of students is expected to take part in this tournament.

Inter- University Championship RSCA is going to launch the first inter university championship on Feb. 26, 2005. The tournament comprises of teams from U of T, York , Mc Master and Ryerson University. Please check our event section for updates about this tournament. more

Cricket @ Ryersonian Ryersonian , one of the famous inter-university paper, recently published a Classified article on cricket and its passion in ryersonians. "Cricket got a bright future at Ryerson" says Ryersonian.


Cricket @ NightviewsThe Nightviews, a monthly newspaper at Ryerson University, has proudly teamed up with RSCA to bring its readers, and cricket lovers all the recent on-going action from the Ryerson Cricket scene. Don't forget to pick up your issue of Nightviews monthly. more

Website for Women's Cricket Launched The website for Ryerson Women Cricket has been launched. This website is designed to keep Ryerson's women cricket players updated with the lastest in local and global cricketing news. It also contains GYM hours info, location info and list of executives to be contacted. Please book mark it on your next visit. more

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