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Schedule for Fall 2004

RSCA is pleased to announce that it has allotted GYM timings for its women chapter now. All you ladies can surely come out and have your fun with cricket during the allocated hours.

Since we are ultimately interested in starting a Ryerson Women Cricket team somwhere in near future, we encourage more of you to come and play during the above mentioned hours. This would not also provide women with opportunities to meet new people but, also, it would help them maintain a healthy life schedule.
RSCA will proudly be providing the Women players with all the necessary equipment. Although players are advised to wear running shoes to prevent any damage to flooring at the GYM. Your co-operation will be appreciated.



Following are the assigned GYM timings for Women Cricket. These timings are alloted by RSCA, the Ryerson Student Cricket Association, for the promotion of Cricket among Women.

Tuesday, Every week
3:00pm - 5:00pm
at the LOWER GYM.

Membership Fees

Membership is FREE to all the players.

This page is dedicated to the Women Chapter of RSCA. It is designed and maintained by Salman Ali Khan. Copyrights are reserved with RSCA @