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Cricket has been for many years one of the world's leading recreational sport, it is watched, accepted and followed world wide by millions.

Ryerson University has now joined the list of many universities around Canada that accept cricket as one of their varsity sports. The formerly unofficial association that was called Ryerson Students Cricket Association, has now been officially declared an association that is supported by RAC, and Ryesac and they have provided the now official RSCA with permanent gym hours free of cost for the entire semester. RSCA has been around for almost 2 years and have now
established a firm setting in Ryerson.

In the RSCA we are always looking for new and talented people to join the organization, not only to play cricket but to also join us in our recreations and  to simply have fun. RSCA has now expanded its association to the Women of Ryerson. RSCA is now proud to announce its first ever women's cricket association. I, Beenish Siddiqui the RSCA women's representative have been handed the responsibility of the women's section in RSCA. We have also got permanent gym timings to play cricket, to meet new people and establish ourselves fully at Ryerson. This invitational letter goes out to everyone who is just
purely interested in recreational activities, in playing cricket and in its organization. We the women of Ryerson now have an opportunity to indulge in this exciting sport. With your support we will be able to establish ourselves very soon and since RSCA is the second largest association already at Ryerson, and also one of the most active associations, it will not be long before we have a firm settlement as an association here at Ryerson.

The women's section will be totally secluded from the men's, although some events may occur, where the two sections will come together. Playing cricket is not the only activity you will be experiencing here, there is whole organization of cricket, there is also a number of executive positions open for the willing and capable. We are a very member orientated organization and we are always looking out for the betterment of this organization's members, therefore member's input will always be welcomed, in fact most of the idea's in RSCA are generated from its members.

I look forward to having your company with us as the women of Ryerson are looking for fresh minds to join this community, so come and join us in this extremely exciting and promising year as RSCA and RSCA women's set new standards in Ryerson as a recreational association.
Written & Narrated by: Beenish Siddiqui

Australian Women Cricket team celebrates another wicket.

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